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I did a lot of cutting and welding on the doors after which they were sandblasted and zinkpainted again. All of the other little stuf was sandblasted at an company a friend of mine works and we were allowed to do this in the weekend. All parts were zinkpainted and finished in black. Also the same treatment was done on the subframe and all suspension components. Now... at last the "putting it back" together part could begin. Every rubber part, rods, bushings and ball joinst were replaced with new ones. All of the seals from the transmission (M40 TH400) were renewed as wel as the engine gaskets etc.. The engine was not the original RAIII engine, the original RAIII engine is now july 2000 being rebuilt, see the story elswhere on this site. The original anti slip differential was in perfect shape, I removed the paint and applied zinkpaint and finished it also in black.

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