Mike ownes a very rare 1969 Firebird 400 RAIII convertible, heīs been working on it for the last 10 years, itīs not finished yet, but it looks like better than new. Hereīs his email with a picture of his car.

I have been into firebirds for many years and have owned quite a few including a 69 ra 3 trans am but my present project is a super rare bird. It is a 69 400 Ram Air III convertible car with all matching # 's and these following items, m 20 4 spd, 355 posi, deluxe interior, tinted glass, rallye II wheels, remote mirror, console, in dash tach and gauges, walnut shift knob, wood wheel, Ram Air system, air conditioning and more. I have the orig. window stickers also. The car is one of only 87 built and has at least 22 options. Color is antique gold with ivory white top and gold knit interior. I purchased this car when I was 29 and I will be 40 this nov. and I have still never driven the car. My story is one of greed, stress, time, act of fate and even death. To make a 10 year story short, when I purchased the car I paid a huge price for it only because I loved the car and it was real. Problem was the seller was unreal on his price but he had me hooked and I did not want to lose the car. In the next 9 years I tried to restore it myself, tried to sell it, tried to find someone to restore it for me. I did but he died a few months later in an accident. The day I got the car back I found another guy to work on it. Over the next 5 years I waited and watched as he lost his property twice and a number of parts to my car. The work he did was great but all was again cut short by a divorce problem. Also the interior shop I took it to really messed it up. So I finally received my rare bird back last week but still only 3/4 finished after 10 years. I would be able to do work on it myself but I broke my thumb in jan. and my arm in feb.. I sat in the car for the first time in 8 years and when I looked out over the scoops I knew I had to do something. I am searching for another place that will restore my bird as I want it done. In ten years I have almost $60,000.00 into the car and still not able to drive it. I hope to someday get the car on a few mag. covers. I am sending a pic. of the car in restoration. It will be all orig. except for the redline tires. I love my bird and I hope to someday send you a pic. of the finished project. Birds are Best!!


As promised here his story covering the last 10 years:


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