The upper pictures tell you how I purchased the car dated 1990. It was originally deliverd new in Germany and originally an full option 400 RAIII, I got this information from pontiac Historical Services. The german owner where I bought it from had delivered it to a body shop in The Netherlands, but due to divorce and money trouble he had to sell. I bought it completely in boxes, I figured you had to do at least one stupid thing in your wife said this wasnīt the first and probably not the last (ofcourse I disagree..) The body was partly sandblasted, I rolled the body over and started inspecting the floar boards, except for a little surface rust due to sitting in a barn it looked okay..of course except for the trunk floor corners and side extentions. after a little rust removing work and welding some little spots I turned the car over and removed the outer wheel houses and quarter panels they were hopeless... I ordened new ones from Yearone and welded them in so that I didnīt need to use ANY filler., which took me about a whole day per side.

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